How To Dojo

You want to participate in a Dojo? Host one? Possibly moderate one?

This page here give you answers to all common questions about the #CodingDojoVie.


As a participant, stay tuned on the Twitter tag #CodingDojoVie to know about any new locations, events and future dates.


  • Have a laptop ready with at least one development environment in the language of your preference.
  • With this environment, have a workspace ready that is (nearly) empty and ready for any simple application.
  • This workspace must also contain a testing framework and have one sample unit test included.
  • This one test should be green, or otherwise prove that the setup is working.
  • Furthermore, have a version control system running locally, for instance Git.
This preparation is necessary as the host might not always be able to provide you with internet access. Also, setting up such a workspace takes precious time.

The Event

Be there a few minutes earlier. Ten to fifteen minutes are good to register at the location, get settled, set up the laptop and find out where the coffee is.

Finally, have fun and be open to learn something new!


As a host, you are responsible for providing space and time for the participants. Ideally, the host also holds the role of organizer.


Not only can you give your workers an easy chance to participate at an event about learning, you also put you and your company on display. Developers willing to extend their knowledge are visiting and might ask about job offerings.


  • Expected amount of participants: 5+ external, any from your company
  • Maximum amount of participants: Dependent on available space; Recommended: 20
  • Time frame: Typically from 6pm to 8pm (Note the 15 minutes of arrival time before the start)
Some things might be dependent on the moderator. Check back with the moderator if they need any special setup.

Recommendations for Venue

  • Projector: Have one available. Working without one is possible, but inform moderator.
  • Utilities: Provide enough pencils and paper (Corporate communications department will be happy!)
  • Beverage: Coffee and water are highly recommended.
  • Food/Snacks: These are not required, but nice. If provided, it shouldn't be a complete meal. Cookies and/or some cold breads work great. (Consider half of it to be for vegetarian.)

Advertisment and Registration

Coordinate the advertisment with the organizer. See below for details.


As the moderator, you run the show. Work with the organizer and host to coordinate the event. Anyone is allowed to moderate, although qualities of a teacher or mentor are necessary.


As for running the dojo, you'll have to rely on your own fantasy and dojo experience to come up with exercises. One recommendable book in any case is "The Coding Dojo Handbook" by Emily Bache.

Make use of the existing introduction presentation hosted on GitHub. It is also advisable to add your session presentation to the repository on GitHub.


As an organizer, you are responsible for bringing all pieces together. The role of the organizer might be shared with the host and/or the moderator.

Advertisment and Registration

When time, host and moderator have been defined, the central information is the registration. This registration should be online and be very easy to complete. People are quite reluctant to register on yet another site. So far, Doodle has proven to be suitable. (See previous dojos for reference.)

State if there are any important details to consider when registering - such as the requirement to register with full name or deadlines for registration. These details will most likely be defined by the host.

It is advisable to have a dedicated webpage with general information, stating location, time and any further pre-requisites. The recommended way for this is to use the event-pages from Softwerkskammer, in the "Wien" group. (Softwerkskammer also provides forms for participants, but, as stated, would need an unwanted registration.) A public blog post of the host is also suitable. Be sure to include any necessary information from the moderator as well.

The host should be verified before the previous dojo, in order to have the moderator of the previous dojo already mention the next location. Publish the links shortly after that dojo (within next few days). For advertisement, at least post the links of info and registration pages on Twitter with the hash-tag #CodingDojoVie . The rest is meant to be word-of-mouth.